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“Well, I haven’t shot it in 8 months….”

After speaking with someone who was asking some questions about how often I clean my firearms, I told him that I clean it after every time I shoot it. (At a minimum for the shotgun/rifle that doesn’t see nearly as much range time)

That was his response…. “Well, I haven’t shot it in 8 months.”

It kind of blew my mind.

For me, at least in the slower offseason (late fall, winter and early spring), I try to shoot every week, if not every other.  Now, the reason I can afford that is because I’ve found a range to shoot at that doesn’t cost nearly as much, I reload my own ammo and I only shoot 50-100 rounds at a time.

For me, I shoot IDPA, which is a defensive scenario type shoot.  I enjoy doing that because it keeps me familiar, proficient and “tactically” aware.  It’s more fun than plinking at a bullseye.

8 months is a long time in between practices.  For something so important as a firearm, 8 months, to me, seems like a lifetime.  Don’t think that I’m crazy and feel the need to be ready for the end of the world as we know it, but I’m much more comfortable with doing my best to stay sharp as the tip of a spear.  I know I feel better about what I’m doing and my confidence when carrying concealed.  You should, too.

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